I left on Williams-at-Home as an introvert and I came home an extrovert. That was a real watershed experience in my life because I met so many people and I was in so many social situations that my personality really came out during that whole period. I think we drove back from Detroit and we came through Canada and I remember coming down Route 7 and over the horizon seeing the campus and I realized at that moment I was a different person.

I love gatherings where people are sharing ideas all my life since those seminars and those meetings in his house. They’re not talking about the weather. They’re not talking about the Red Sox. They’re not talking about their dog. They’re talking about the big ideas of life. And that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s why I did talk radio, that’s why I was in the ministry, that’s why. Because you deal with the big ideas. That’s what he taught me. That was the bridge between Gaudino and the ministry–the whole concept of listening. I think drawing others out and asking the questions, it allows somebody to unfold who they are before the listening audience or before the gathering.

Jay Haug '73, hosted a conservative talk radio show in Florida, where he lives in Ponte Vedra Beach and makes his living as a financial advisor