A sort of floating head.

I think what people love about Gaudino, you know, people love themselves, and thus they mostly loved Gaudino because he asked you questions about yourself, which is very different than suggesting who you should be or whatever. He reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi in terms of how we read about him, because when Gaudino was […]

I failed a year in high school. And then I got into Williams by telegram three days before my graduation from high school. I had previously planned to become a pilot in the Navy. The Navy had applied for an ROTC scholarship for me at Miami of Ohio, where I’d fly in Vietnam after my […]

Well, frankly the only thing we had in common was Gaudino and the interest in doing this India program. So they ranged from being sort of touchy-feely – ‘oh, India, that’s so exciting’ – to conservative people like myself and my roommate, Scott Miller, who viewed it as an adventure. So you had, “Oh, we […]

I worked seven years on Catalina Island, just off the coast here in California, and I read a very philosophical Indian book that made no sense to me on the beach at Catalina and that was sort of existential in its own way. But I read it because he said, “Read it.” I just worked […]

What I remember about his classes, again, my first exposure to political philosophy, was he paired philosophical constructs with movies. So we watched “High Noon” that 25 years later I gave to my boss to watch in hopes that he would get the same message out of it that Gaudino had taught us – that […]

My parents borrowed money to send me to high school and then to Williams but I had a godmother who had money and said that she’d send me around the world after I graduated from college. She agreed to apply those funds to the Williams-in-India program. So I went there through Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand […]

My village was very remote so basically to get to the main road you had to walk about three miles through corn fields and then if you wanted to go to the district town you could then get a bus. And the people in my village complained that they hadn’t seen any district officers since […]

I didn’t go swimming. No, no, no, no. See, Miller and I, we were the colonialists and the conservatives. Again, there were different models. We had no interest in doing that kind of stuff. We didn’t have to get rabies shots either. There were three segments in the group. There were these kind of flower […]

After the village I think we went to Calcutta. That is my favorite place in India because it’s like India to the third power where you have this urban center – it doesn’t work at all. We met with these people, these urban planners who go in and there were two Communist factions fighting it […]


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