I’m not sure he was particularly humble. I think he knew very well how brilliant he was. I remember the Vietnam War talks he gave, in what was the old student center, Baxter Hall, there was a huge crowd, and there was this podium Gaudino with this wisped frame and people were screaming “Speak up! […]

I went to Williams never having had political science before and signed up for Poli Sci 101 and Gaudino was my professor. Of course he was one of these mesmerizing, charismatic, intimidating professors who clearly overwhelmed me. I hated being asked questions but I loved listening to him—I loved the little summaries he would give, […]

These Dak Bungalows had been constructed for British district officers who rode around and dispensed justice and so forth. You had this bungalow which was pretty cool with five or six servants. I remember my Chowkidar would go out and shoot ducks and boil them for meals. I tended to hang out, there was a […]

Parker and Andy and I, I guess we wanted to go bathing in the Ganges, but there were Indians bathing and bodies being burned and corpses floating in the water so we thought it would be a good idea to at least hire a boat and go to the other side of the river. The […]

We were staying at some college, in Hyderabad, where we arrived and our mail had all been forwarded there and it had all been opened or thrown out the window or something. We were really upset about that. The encounter with the students, just giggling immature Indians, they were probably wearing western dress, looked ridiculous. […]

I can’t remember who coined the term, “Guru-Ji” “Ji,” it’s a suffix you attach to the back of a word that denotes venerability. It’s a Hindi thing, Sanskrit derived. Like “Our Guru.” “Guru-Ji.”

I abandoned my project very early on. We’d come up with projects in Williamstown, community development-village self-help. I certainly never pursued it in India. Your interests change. It wasn’t like being in a college, where you had a library. That may have been one of the reasons Gaudino may have thought it was an academic […]

I was in Seattle at the time. I remember sending him a telegram, “How can someone who someone who can’t write a footnote get a degree from Williams College?”

I went up to the college a couple of times when he got sicker and at one point I came out to him, which was a big deal for me. He laughed and said something like, “Well, did you think that was going to change the world?” I guess my answer was “No,” but basically […]

I have acknowledged that was a fundamental influence and I’ve used it to structure a good part of my life.


Final Note