Early in my first semester at college I remember hearing about interesting conversations taking place at a professor’s home. His name was Professor Gaudino. And I came to Williams as a science major but I always was really just fascinated about public discussions about all kinds of topics and they were open to anybody and […]

I entered Williams planning to be probably a physics major but would have been a bad scientist. I realized that. So I planned to take political science in the spring. In March, there was an announcement of a program that Robert Gaudino was behind called “Williams-in-India.” And this program was to be for the following […]

We never met until the first classroom day. There was a reading list for the summer. It was a gigantic list: history, literature, culture, arts. Thirty books.

Well, my grandfather raised me and I think he thought it was a weird, probably not good thing, but he always wanted the best for me and sort of indulged me. Also he was impressed with anything institutions did. So Williams College and this professor wanted me to do this, although I of course applied, […]

We took four courses a semester at Williams and the course with Bob Gaudino was a double-credit course so you only took three classes, half of the time with him. I sort of think it was unprecedented. We took a course in Indian art and- architecture with Milo Beach. The college needed a new member […]

Gandhi’s Truth. I never read a book that was just such a comprehensive deconstruction of a person’s life and their actions against the framework of their psychology, of their personal history, and I found that just captivating. I remember him going on the train to Pakistan from India filled with Muslims and what happened. It […]

In the fall of that year, I remember having to begin our series of shots. I remember that suddenly reminded me this was an intimidating place we were going to, you’re going to get all these shots on these dates, like seven major diseases. The plague sounds pretty spooky. Each was like three shots, so […]

We were flying over as a group. I think roughly three people had other means to get there, more directly. Gaudino didn’t fly with us. He flew separately, to get there before us. So fourteen of us were flying, the Williams Travel Bureau had set this up and we flew from New York to Amsterdam […]

I remember a parallel beginning too. The flight we took was into Bombay. The train we took to Delhi to rendezvous with you guys. We checked into the YMCA and went to dinner, eight of us, Chinese restaurant. The food was taking a while. And I think it was Brad Babson in front of us, […]

He let us alone and I think he maybe had mixed feelings afterwards whether he did so in too great a degree. But I think he had a lot of faith in the group as a whole. And I know he had great faith in the power of India. He believed in the creation of […]


Final Note