It must have been Hyderabad, it must have been the village in the south. It was like middle-class Indians, just outside the village itself and this guy was a power engineer and they invited me out to their house and the next door neighbor’s daughter was looking over me moonily, and I was told she […]

I remember walking around the village, going to shopkeepers to see how stuff was made, how transactions took place. I asked this official if I could go on an inspection team. He spoke a little bit of English, enough so you could have a minimal conversation. He said, “OK,” but somehow they asked me if […]

When we were in Banaras, on the way to Calcutta, I remember Bruce Dunne and Andy Hurst — Andy’s the one who is the son of a doctor — and of being in a boat in the Ganges and bodies floating in the Ganges, dead bodies, like a significant number of them. And this is […]

Parker and Andy and I, I guess we wanted to go bathing in the Ganges, but there were Indians bathing and bodies being burned and corpses floating in the water so we thought it would be a good idea to at least hire a boat and go to the other side of the river. The […]

I just remember Scott and Bill taking a couple of Indians for a ride in a taxi and then when they came back they had the mail. They’re kind of big. Scott was a football player.

We were in Bombay for like a week, same things; meetings with officials, business, culture, arts, government. Then we had like three days, four days, to reach Kashmir for the final three weeks of reflection. So now you’ve got the whole structure. Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Bombay, that’s it. There were sets of formal meetings so […]

I mean this is a group of students — everybody is taking shots together, we’re going to India together, and I would say we spent just gobs of time in Gaudino’s living room. I’d say there was actually extraordinary intimacy among the students and as relations with Bob Gaudino, I’d say, as well. He always […]

The most extraordinary experience was coming back from India to land in Europe. That was a big jump. It’s funny, little moments that you do remember. I was always a picky eater growing up. As I mentioned, my grandfather raised me and he was fantastic but he indulged my food habits, which weren’t good, so […]

I remember, going away, my biggest regret was that so much would happen [on campus] that I would miss. I was very involved with the radio station. I was the chief engineer of the station and we were going to go up in power and all this stuff would happen without me involved. And I […]

He was already talking about Williams-at-Home.


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