It would be interesting, quite frankly, given his experiences as a bombardier in World War II, his whole perspective on the revolution that’s occurred in precision targeting because he was definitely of the period where you were, despite all the claims, you were very lucky if you hit anything, even close to what you were […]

My first class with him was Political Science 101 in the fall of 1967. It may have been like the second class that I ever attended in college. It was in Greylock, in one of those kind of antiseptic, sterile conference rooms. It was primarily freshmen with a few sophomores and everybody was seated around […]

I do remember the first time that I had a feeling that he had noticed me in any way. There was a man who was going to speak on campus from the Freedom Democratic Party, which was the wing of the Democratic Party in the South, particularly in Mississippi, that had staged an insurrection of […]

I remember him making a joke one time about Eduardo Cianelli playing the guru in Gunga Din and that must have amused him that an Italian actor was playing an Indian guru. I do remember hearing him referred to sort of despairingly as a guru but I don’t remember feeling overwhelmed by him. I remember […]

Tweed. He had kind of a tweed coat that he wore. This could be a complete fabrication–I seem to recall he wore hush puppies.

He was on the faculty bowling team. There was a bowling alley in the basement, reputed to be in the basement of the Faculty Club and he was on the bowling team with a man much involved in Williams life over the past half century, [bookstore owner] Ralph Renzi, who sometimes suffered the slights of […]

Maybe in October of 1967, posters appeared that he was going to be doing an evening seminar on the war. I remember it was at the Van Rensselaer House. It was a huge turnout, I mean just enormous. It was standing room only. And he didn’t lecture, he basically ran it as a class and […]

I recall having to fill out an application and then I recall an interview. I don’t know if anybody was rejected from being picked or not. Yes, he was asking about your family, where you were born, how you had been educated, how you felt about certain educational matters and those sorts of questions. But […]

Within the Williams-in-India group there was a considerable diversity. There were people who were carrying backpacks and wearing jeans and stuff and there were other people who were wearing wingtips and slacks. They had certain programs that were set up. I remember going to the embassy and getting a political briefing from a State Department […]

I never got past New Delhi. I left for personal reasons, really having nothing to do with India. In retrospect it’s definitely within the top five of the dumbest decisions that I’ve made in my life. And on occasion, a fair amount of regret. The only thing that sort of palliates the regret is that […]


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