I used to just talk to people and try to do what Gaudino always did. Like Gaudino could walk into a diner in Yazoo City, Miss. and he’d just start talking to the waitress, just a fairly simple question and get them talking about themselves, very gentle questions. Where was she from? Was she always […]

He always deflected questions about himself. I did drive with him on some stretch. “Well, what about you? What was your life like?” I know other kids, students, tried to do that too. But again he never wanted to divulge a whole lot. He would talk about his ideas, intellectually, for sure. But you know […]

I grew up in a small town outside New Haven. My dad was a claims adjustor for the railroad. When I was a freshman, as it came toward Winter Study, my JAs said, “Oh, you’ve got to take this thing with Gaudino.” I was just the one month deal talking about experience in education and […]

There weren’t really home-stays for everybody in Georgia but there was a connection with either a town government official or maybe the newspaper in Texas and this guy said, “Come on out we’ll find something for you.” So Rusty, myself and another guy, Joe Goodman, we drove out together. My first home stay was with […]

I lived in eastern central Tennessee, little tiny town. The people I stayed with didn’t have a shower. The father he’d been a coal miner and he’d had his leg badly broken, crushed and due to the lack of medical care they’d left the cast on for a really long time and his leg atrophied. […]

I lived in a town called Clarion and she was from there and her family had been farmers. He, the husband Ray, was actually a city boy and he worked for a rubber company or a tire company in like Toledo and he hated it. He said. “We need to go back to Iowa.” Well, […]

I remember one time he said he never wanted to admit that he is sick because once you admit you are sick to other people you lose your rights as a person — you are a sick person and everybody treats you differently and talks to you differently. People assume that it affects your mind […]

He had a little motorized go-cart that he would get around the house in and near the end was crashing through all these walls and we used to make jokes about him being a bad race car driver. This was a little automated electrical cart. Another source of humor. Humor lost on his freshmen. But […]

He started to pass out more. You’d be talking to him and real slowly you know he would start to lean or slide down in his chair—he had this big overstuffed chair, and all of a sudden you’d realize that he was out. And then you didn’t really have to do anything. Nobody would ever […]

I didn’t really have a plan when I graduated. I would stick around there until [my girlfriend] graduated. I used to go over to Gaudino’s house a fair amount just to hang out and eat ice cream and talk to whoever was around. And he just one day asked, would I be interested in staying […]


Final Note