I met Bob in Sweden in 1950 when we both attended a semi-serious course at Stockholm’s Hogskola. At first I thought him a brash, rah-rah, Joe College type… Bob was always a bit hyper, a leg shaker…and he struck me initially and even later as a bit manic. I remember him singing with exaggerated glee […]

We didn’t become friends there but neither did we become enemies, which we might have for a reason I now relate. To fulfill our course requirements Bob had to defend a paper he had written, which another fellow and I read, discussed and decided was a poor piece of work which we should attack in […]

Swedish Language: A Introductory Course: A Political Science: A Sociology A Seminar, Sociology: B -–Robert Gaudino’s grades at the Stockholms Hogskola Well, Bob left and I didn’t see him again until 1957, when I returned from a seven year residence in Sweden. I remember Bob’s real anger the first time we visited him in Williamstown […]

I think he felt that some Williams students were innocents, which of course they were.

We rented the Romosers’ house in Eliot, Maine, for a couple of months after we returned from Europe in 1969 and I first became aware Bob had a problem when he drove up one weekend to visit us…Phyllis Kinzer, who with her husband Dave also participated in the course in Sweden, called me up and […]

It is a bit curious that although the death of Bob Gaudino, one of my two or three best friends ever, was a big loss for me, he has, to a surprising extent, not been lost to me…I retain a vivid almost yesterday-like memory of…walking toward his house in his driveway that Thanksgiving day and […]

Since I am running on I shall tell you of a recent dream I had about Bob. I was visiting him, and was trying to tell him that many, many years later he was lovingly remembered by his students, but he kept walking away from me, and even went into a lake to swim, and […]


Final Note