It was not as if he said, “Be my absent siblings.” It just evolved totally naturally. We shared interests. We’d go out for pizza and go bowling afterward. And when we had children, he became their uncle. He just engaged them immediately. He had lots of wonderful nephews and nieces but they were in California, […]

Well, spouses at Williams were only second class citizens and Bob just seemed to accept us as human beings worthy of taking part in discussions. I thought that was really very nice. Sometimes he would follow me out to the kitchen and say, “What do you think of such and such?” I was not a […]

We tried to help, but he was a very proud man. I remember one time I came by and he was shoveling snow in his driveway. I said, “You really shouldn’t be doing this,” and I wanted to take the shovel. He wouldn’t let me. Rarely have I seen him so determined. At one point […]

One time, he did not tell us but he was living in the basement, I think maybe so he’d have more guest rooms available for visiting friends. He would then have to negotiate the staircase that was very steep, with one handrail, and we were shocked. But he wanted to do everything his way and […]

Well, his father was concerned. We met him when Bob was still living. The summer when he died in November, his father and his sister came to visit. And we had I think met the father a couple of times before. After he died and the gravestone was in place, his father wrote us a […]


Final Note