I remember seeing what we used to call mimeographed sheets talking about Williams-in-India posted in Baxter Hall. And I got a phone call from Robert Gaudino inviting me to his office in Stetson Library for an interview. I had a beguiling lack of information. I simply thought that going to India would be cool. He […]

They were books that were difficult to find. I went back to California and I went up to the Bay Area to a couple of community colleges and I took Hindi and I had these books on the back of a motorcycle and they blew off on the Cajon Pass. So I bought ‘em twice. […]

Chester Bowles, who was ambassador under five administrations, he came. There were dance concerts he would arrange and the films. It was almost a six-day-a-week deal. And I remember as a broad signal to us that class was over, “Well, gentleman, we’ll know more later.” It sounds so broadly euphemistic, and yet it does kind […]

You’re flying over the desert and all of a sudden the lights come up on this runway. There’s nothing there. And we get off and they take us into this Quonset hut and tell us to order Coca Cola. The only purpose was to land and fuel. We were the only plane on the runway. […]

My first day in India. Six or something in the morning at Santa Cruz airport. I think everyone can attest to the shock of driving in India and just seeing how they take remnant building materials or whatnot and fashion an existence by the side of the road. How there was a complete lack of […]

I didn’t live in a Dak Bungalow. I had a host family. I lived in a stone building in a field. The family was considered a very progressive farmer. He and the division government were drilling a deep water tube well. That was entirely a happenstance but it fascinated me. In addition to helping harvest […]

Anyway, last November I returned to this village and I had not been there in 35 years and 10 months. I literally had to coerce the driver to take me up there. And I parked the car and I walked into the village and within minutes a woman who was 12 when I was 19 […]

Varanasi is a place that people come to die. So there’s an entire industry set up on the banks. It’s very much kind of a teaming town, a lot of rickshaws. All of a sudden you come to the river and there’s an entirely different experience of basically people who no one knew who die. […]

When we left Williamstown and went to India [Mr. Gaudino] maintained a formality that I think really spoke to his commitment to teaching. It was very uncomfortable. Many of us had physical illnesses of some kind, in the case of Bruce and I bitten by rabid dogs. And he would be there as a man, […]

I made two calls the entire time I was in India. No, my parents got a letter quite a while after the fact. You’d stand in one line in India at the post office to buy the stamps and another line to mail the letter or they’d steal the stamps to resell them.


Final Note