When the whole Cambodia thing happened, the shutting down of the school in 1970, for about 10 days I was with the [student strike.] Then I said, “Nope.” This is not what we should be doing, it’s not what Williams should be doing and the people doing it are acting out of some other motive […]

In the church I went to in Georgia, I sat down in the pew and they immediately discovered that we from out of town and the preacher said “Stand up, give us your names and would you like to say something?” and they literally gave me the front of the church to say something. When […]

There were certain things I had theologically not dealt with. The whole Pentecostal thing, the speaking in tongues thing, was a very big issue in the country. The Charismatic Renewal was just beginning and so we went to a lot of churches where this was done and then we went to a lot of churches […]

As I remember it, this was when Robert Gaudino was very ill and was getting around with an electric scooter. As he became more sick, he became the wise old man. He became hunched over, walked with a cane, halting, and it was almost as if we were experiencing him over a lifetime, as if […]

If you ask me what his favorite dish was, what his political affiliation was, what his religious beliefs were, what the personal preferences of his life were, I couldn’t tell you. Because he didn’t seem to want to talk about those things. He was an educator to the max, that was his passion, that was […]

I left on Williams-at-Home as an introvert and I came home an extrovert. That was a real watershed experience in my life because I met so many people and I was in so many social situations that my personality really came out during that whole period. I think we drove back from Detroit and we […]


Final Note