I remember talking to him about a grade on an exam or something like that and something that he said to me, it made me feel so much better. He said, “Your academics are not a reflection of your humanity.” And I thought, “Wow, thank god, because I’d be a lousy human being if they […]

I didn’t really have an idea about Gaudino. I had no idea it was controversial with the faculty. It just seemed like, “Oh, here is this program and we’re going to apply some of the knowledge from the classroom outside the campus. What a great idea.” So I applied. I do then recall when we […]

When we arrived in Waycross, we had all gotten our haircuts before we came down but we had to get it cut again when we were down there, even shorter than what we had when we arrived.

While we were down there, I was going out with a girl in the town and she was white, a younger girl. She was in high school. Because the girl was white she literally lived across the tracks. And so I had been over to her house. It was like midnight and I was coming […]

We really didn’t have a lot of focus or training. I think in theory maybe some of the reading we were supposed to be doing in the fall was supposed to be getting at that but I think it was maybe too intellectual or esoteric. We didn’t have any sort of focus group things about, […]

I won the first round by getting arrested.

I worked the second shift, 3-to-11. I’d never done that. Eleven o’clock we’d just go home, although on Friday the guy I was living with, it was another black family I was living with, he had five kids and they were all home. Friday, at 11:30, we’d get home and he was gone after that […]

From my perspective, I don’t think it was a failure. I certainly couldn’t think as analytically, as critically as he could, or as, frankly, as most of you guys could. But I did it to a degree that I never would have anticipated that I would do. He gave me a framework to do that […]

We had two guys that were in Williams-at-Home who were Born Again Christians. They asked if they could pray for him or if they could pray with him. And he actually did that. He agreed to pray with them. He was not a Born Again Christian. I just thought it was really interesting that he […]


Final Note