You remember, I think it just had been refurbished when I was there, something called Mather House, which was sort of a very quaint New Englandy restored house on campus? And our little seminar, I think there weren’t more than four or five of us, was there with Gaudino. And I remember, because it was […]

At Williams I was always on the lookout for father figures. I was taken under the wing of two people in the political science department. One was Frederic Schuman who wrote a book on international relations and whose nickname was “Red Fred.” I found his left wing politics very satisfying. I took attendance at his […]

I can see him, you know, sort of elfin and short. I know we were reading Plato and Aristotle. We may have gone up to Augustine and Machiavelli. It was kind of a fairly standard set of political theory texts. I can’t remember Gaudino’s particular interpretation much as I remember his method. I think the […]

Gaudino promoted the kind of enigma of teaching and sort of oracular things that you didn’t quite understand. He did what he could to remain relatively opaque as an individual personality with a history of his own. Sort of like a judge in a wig and robe. He was there like a judge with a […]

The kind of tension in a Gaudino classroom kind of requires that at some level it be not just be fun and easy. It’s kind of like a high-wire act and it must’ve taken a tremendous amount of energy for Gaudino to maintain that. I probably should teach more that way, but I don’t think […]

I’m sure you’re familiar with The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie as the account of a charismatic teacher and people going off to sort of fight in the Spanish Civil War because of her charisma. And it seems to me in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie they have a doctrine to peddle, they have […]

I was unbelievably impressed by not so much the Williams-in-India program but by the idea, as I remember Gaudino explaining it to me, this is well after I graduated, that people in the William-in-India program as they were sitting around talking about their experience in India it dawned on them that they knew a whole […]


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