When Bob was going to India he came to me because he thought I was an expert, which I really wasn’t. And I said, “Well, Bob, let me tell you about Shiva, who is one of the great Indian gods. And Shiva was really the person who was the destroyer.” And Bob said, “Destroyer! And […]

He was interested in village structure for one thing, in India. Somewhat interested in the relationship between Hindus and Muslims but more in the way in which villages were organized and what young people did in them and what their chances were for education. And, you know, it was a rather tough book. I read […]

Well, I remember a class I went to. I think it was on the Platonic dialogues and he, in great distinction with me, would simply start by asking questions. What does Socrates mean in Chapter 3, verse 4, when he talks about the commonality of life? What does Socrates mean when he challenges some person […]

I think all of us had the feeling in the early-70s, beginning with the students who came as transfers from these other colleges, the classroom changed. Not that women would ask different questions, but women would sometimes be more participative in class then men. Bob and I talked about this. I said, “Bob, have you […]

One of the close things that happened with Bob and me is that we went to each other’s classes, which was really amazing. He came to my 101 class, beginning religion, talking about sociology, which Bob was very much interested in, and I went to two of his classes in particular on classical treatises and […]

To me he was always a teacher and not really a friend. I really cared for him. I think he did for me. But there wasn’t that connection for me, anyhow, with him and probably most students didn’t have it either. He was the teacher. The very few, the ones perhaps who took care of […]

Bob loved to go to the snack bar and we would have these incredibly sometimes intense discussions, even about religion. But then we would have things connected with joking, the ways we felt about students and how we sort of identified students. This was the days before you got a sheet from the registrar’s office […]

He put out both good things and bad things, things that were filled with sugar. I mean, you know those frosty donuts? And of course students just loved these. And they’re not very good for you but they would be gone in a minute. But then he would also cut up fruit and have it […]

The “good society,” what’s going to make it good, what its laws should be, how we can interest young people in taking an active role in political and social problems even in political life, what does it mean to form a community and have people care for each other? One of the things he liked […]

One of his favorite things is he would pose a problem and then he would look at whoever was there, students, faculty who were sitting around at our house and one of his favorite things was, “What to do?”


Final Note