This is the ‘50s and we had a variety of professors, Hans Morgenthau in global politics and of course Leo Strauss and David Easton. They were both theoreticians. Anyway, I was just coming from a year in Amsterdam where I had a Fulbright grant and the first couple of months were kind of lonely. And […]

Gradually we found ourselves going to the same class of (Prof.) Leo Strauss. Leo Strauss at that time was engaged in a great debate as to whether or not political science should be anchored, as David Easton felt it should be, on a clear and distinct separation between fact and value. David Easton’s book The […]

We didn’t like [Sen. Joe] McCarthy. We thought he was terrible. We were very much in favor of [Adlai] Stevenson. I don’t know where Leo Strauss came down on that. He appealed to people who later became very important in Bush’s administration. My trajectory has been so different. I’m a founder of the Green Party […]

We were on the second floor and we each had our own room and, you know, typewriters. And then we had a kitchen in the other room and we sometimes ate together, not that often. We went to movies together and so on. The movies were just down the street because we lived just at […]

He was a leader, definitely a leader of the two of us. He was three years older than I was. We would have some great discussions and we’d argue. We talked political theory together and Aristotle when he got into the Stoics and the Epicureans. Then we got into Lucretius. I remember Bob calling one […]

Oh, yes, disciples, yeah. What was the source of that? Partly his need maybe as well for establishing more intimate relations with people. So they were drawn to his personality and I know, for example, sitting in the office next to his, he would talk on and on with his students who would come in. […]

He bought a new [Volkswagen] Bug then we went on another hiking trip that summer. We went all the way to Georgia, the Ozarks, and came all the way to Mansfield, Vermont. We were in the White Mountains in New Hampshire where we fought the mosquitoes like crazy. It’s classic Bob. We were climbing, we […]

There was this French woman. What’s her name? Collette. I don’t think he was serious about her but at the same time I know that she was, and he, somehow or other, I think it’s that whole thing about distance and intimacy, I think he flew from it and yet he wanted it. It was […]

Fred Schuman – he would go swimming every day. That was very important to him. He explained to me one time that he would – he must have been 70, 72, maybe 68, 70, whatever. Looking back on it now I’m 78 and I sort of smile, but he said, “You know, John, I’ve got […]

And out of that came a huge brouhaha he got himself involved in with the Economics Department. I said earlier how intellectually ruthless he could get. He really moved to the crux of the matter and he deliberately gave a very powerful critique of the whole project, which was the darling of Williams College, the […]


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