Towards the end of my freshman year I remember going to the information session about Williams-at-Home. It was held in Griffin Hall. There was something a little bit unusual about the way he held himself physically that struck me as a little strange. He didn’t move very much as he spoke. And when he turned, […]

It was in Tennessee, Gump Spring Mountain, outside Spartacus, Tennessee. I was living with a family, Grundy and Mary Young, and the whole mountain, this small mountain outside Spartacus, was populated with the Young family. And Grundy, who was maybe 42, and his brothers had started a small dairy operation. They made their livings through […]

Iowa was, and I know that Gaudino thought it was too, middle class. But I thought so much of it different than my experience. First of all, this was true throughout. I’m Jewish. I grew up in a Jewish home. Not a particularly observant Jewish home but real Jewish identity. From the time I left […]

I disagree that Iowa was much like our existence, except that it was middle class. But in virtually every other respect it was nothing like what I grew up in. Even just the geography. Nobody in Iowa says, “Take a left at the light.” It was, “Go south, go west, you’ll find the gas on […]

The family that I lived with, the Motley family, in Detroit, they were talking about Jews and my being surprised by the stereotypes they had about Jews, clearly not agreeing with them. But it didn’t create conflict for me and I think that had I met a police officer who said, “He’s a nigger,” I […]

I mean, it was an experiment. It was the first — he chose topics to study that he sort of felt would be important. He chose the political scientist’s point of view. He wanted to study the courts. He wanted to study the schools. He wanted to study [police and health care]. Yes and what […]

I do remember talking to him about the fact that I felt much more energized about my work, much more engaged in the academic and intellectual endeavor of the classroom, and that I was at the time actually thinking that maybe I would go on and get a doctorate or something. I was struck by […]

Rusty Day mentioned at some point that probably the intensity of the program was such that probably not a month would go by in our lives from then forward that we wouldn’t at some point think about and talk about the experience to somebody. I don’t know whether that’s true of everyone, but certainly it […]


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