I came in as an instructor [in 1956] and I had some correspondence with Vince Barnett seeking to have a higher rank for what was my third year of college teaching. I hoped to get an assistant professor rank here on joining the Williams faculty but that was delayed for a year. He must’ve been […]

It was clear that he was cultivating a group of bright and eager students and giving them a sense of being special and being smarter than the rest, whereas my own inclination was to try to pull up the below average and not treat them with special kindness. Only students who were ready to work […]

Well there’s some possibility I gather from my wife, who knew Bob’s Dutch friend, that there may have been a girlfriend in Bob’s graduate school days, who never seriously entered the picture here at Williams. But it was possibly an unfulfilled romance.

I suspect there was some reservations about promoting Bob because of his individuality and his reluctance to march to the drum beat of the department seniors at the time. Maybe Jim Burns might’ve had reservations, but I never heard them expressed. And Vince Barnett may have found Bob let’s say headstrong, not easily harnessed to […]

Bob never gave an answer to his students. He threw out questions at them year after year, but would never give a conclusion that students could take home with them.

Once every Wednesday we met and openly dealt with our issues. I can remember an occasion where Bob kind of stalked away from the luncheon after a disagreement within the department about involving, I think, scheduling of some sort. He made it clear that he disagreed with what the department was doing and he walked […]

I think the older the department member, the more likely to reject experiential education. It’s not what we’re used to and it may be kind of old-fashioned to oppose it, and I do think now that experiential education has its virtues although I would perhaps confine it more often to the Winter Study period than […]

I think Bob’s experience in the Williams-at-Someplace program has been vindicated to a degree in that a lot of programs now are located abroad.


Final Note