Well, I don’t think age was a relevant variable. He could’ve been 20, he could’ve been 80. Yes, I mean he was very controversial even then and that was before he was controversial in a political sense. But I think his teaching style, his methodology was threatening to his professional colleagues. The more, I’d say […]

In order to be an honors major in political science you had to take a Methods seminar and it was in what was then called Mather House, which is now where the Admissions Office is, I think. It was up in the second floor in a little room, and there were about 10 of us […]

I mean the best mentors, the best managers, the best teachers I think are people who beat the s— out of you but the beating comes from place of affection and love and commitment, so that you actually look forward to it, you know? I think everybody understood that in a sense that people wouldn’t […]

I got one of these fellowships to work in Washington the summer between junior and senior year because I’d done some work at the Roper Public Opinion Center which was at Williams at the time. Phil Hastings, who ran that, who was on the political science faculty, got me a job–not an internship–a job at […]

Even the best gadflies are probably only productive half the time. You don’t know when you stir the pot. The only thing you can do is be clear about your purpose. If you’re stirring the pot for your own personal aggrandizement then you’re going to screw it up and you’re going to make lots of […]

It seems amazing to me how much of what he embodied for me is still part of who I am today. With the exception of my relationship to [former Cabinet Member] Elliot Richardson there’s no one with whom my encounters have stayed with me longer. I don’t think I realized it at the time actually, […]


Final Note