There were a group of us who really enjoyed him, really respected him. I don’t think it was quite a cult. He was a very charismatic personality. He was relatively short, had a glint in his eye—I wouldn’t say handsome but very expressive face and very nice winning smile. And he’d sort of smile and […]

He became very controversial and I was sort of responsible for that. I was president of Phi Beta Kappa my senior year, it was probably 1959, maybe 1960, and we decided to do something for the campus and do some symposia, maybe influenced somewhat by the Platonic idea, but to have some debates on campus. […]

…Prof. Gaudino launched into an attack on the new Center for Development Economics as having Williams move from being an intellectual center to sort of a trade school, you know, that we were not in the business of training minds to look for enlightenment but we were now in the business of training bureaucrats in […]

I graduated in ’60 I had a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. To show you the influence, he went off to India during that period, ‘61 or so he was in India. And I with three Oxford friends we drove from Oxford to India and back by Land Rover and came to New Delhi and spent […]

I remember one time he came into the room – I remember it very vividly because he had some outside visitors. We occasionally had visitors from other colleges who came to see what Williams was all about. There were a couple of people from another school there sitting in the back of the room, so […]

I remember one time I was in the stacks, working, and he walked by and I think with Rensenbrink, Prof. Rensenbrink. I have a vivid memory of this. And I was there working, studying something or other and he stopped by and said, “So Mr. Nimetz, Aristotle or Plato, which one?” Well, you know you’re […]

The legacy for me was not just interest in politics, it’s sort of an obligation of a citizen that people who have certain advantages and gifts have, that you fulfill the highest aspect of being human when you participate in the polity. For a human being to be fully human he or she has to […]


Final Note