I remember meeting some of the students who went on the Williams-in-India and was fascinated by it. I might have done that although in retrospect it might have been too frightening. And he was asking me specifically, “Why did you decide to go?” I was not comfortable with the sort of intellectualism or the sort […]

I think that Gaudino did want it to be more than just the experience and I think in part that’s what people who were opposed to the program didn’t understand. He built in, in a very purposeful way, this process of wanting in some fashion to create conflict and to create discomfort. When we went […]

It seems to me that if there was competition, it was one like between those of us who maybe, like myself, didn’t see ourselves as intellectual types. We were more oriented towards the personal and those like Rusty and Joe, who had such a capacity to talk about these political philosophers and whoever, you know, […]

I was telling him that actually I had a harder time living in Appalachia with the whites who were poor than I had living with, let’s say, with my black family. Well, what I was describing to him in a funny sort of way it was like I could not be judgmental towards the black […]

When I went to Kentucky for a number of reasons I had to change my home-stay. I had gotten changed to a family and I had only been with this family for a couple of weeks and I developed a tremendous attachment to that whole area and to that whole family. So when it came […]

We’ve discussed as a group, “How much do we remember about our different courses 30 years later?” But we can remember very specific experiences like for me in Iowa it was just eye-awakening, I guess, this experience of getting up in the morning, working until the sun goes down and I remember talking with the […]

One thing about Iowa, again, contrary to what you might expect, was that when I thought of farming or farmers, I didn’t think of somebody who was looking at the paper in the same way that a stockbroker would look at the paper, looking at the prices of soybeans.

As a psychologist, changing someone’s perspective about themselves can take years. Changing with humans is slow.

With Mr. Gaudino, it was clear that he wouldn’t tolerate any sort of anti-intellectualism that some of us were learning towards. I mean he wanted us to have the experience but I think that he wanted to convince others that this was going to be very different than just going out into the world and […]


Final Note