My first encounter with him was not kind of what I expected. I had a dreadful although in some respects typical first semester freshman year and I was not a very good student. And I’d been in all these advanced classes from my high school. So I did very poorly in each of them, including […]

Then of course there was the Snack Bar. And the regular get-togethers at the Snack Bar, which to me is Williams, gathering around the Snack Bar and just discussing current movies, current events. Everything from the Beatles to baseball I suppose. There was a regular time I went there, which was 11 o’clock every night […]

I think it was a discussion in class: You know Gandhi had a nephew and there was some protest in the south of India and the nephew said to him that “I’m going to go down and observe the protest.” And Gandhi said to him, “When you see a house on fire, do you observe […]

When they were planning a sit-in against a Marine recruiter, an ROTC recruiter. I wasn’t sure I was going and a friend kind of gave me s— for it, and so I went and sat in, and it was sort of one of those surreal things where first you sat in one place, it was […]

You know when you’re young particularly you don’t think behind the wall of the teacher’s face too much. I think he, in some respects with the Snack Bar conversations and being in a house, exposed himself more than most teachers. But I’m not sure that he exposed more of himself. I think I remember, didn’t […]

In drama, they say stress reveals character. In fact, it’s an underpinning of drama. I’m trying to remember the context of this, but maybe somebody had been abroad and came back and was discussing it and Gaudino said, “And when did you first learn to hate them?” And that was a stunning question. Because all […]

Gaudino had a play called the “The Assassin” which I did the technical theater work on, the sound and lights. Must have been my junior or senior year, well, I think it was about the assassination of JFK. And we performed it at, was it Griffin, that beautiful old building off of Route 2, because […]

It didn’t get big audiences but it got people there and the audience was intermingled with the cast in a certain way. And there was a classroom discussion — the difference between assassination and murder actually. What elevated some murder to assassination? You know, what kind of social and/or political, and/or cultural significance did it […]


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