You know, the thing about Gaudino was that he appeared to be this sort of abstract intellectual and then you find out he was a bombardier, you think, “Well, that’s interesting!” We kidded about, you know, what kind of conversation, knowing him, what kind of conversation did he have with people as he was going […]

First term my sophomore year, PoliSci 1A or 2A, American politics. Fall of ’57, he had a freshman from my high school outside of Buffalo, N.Y., who was literally hanging on by his fingernails academically. And one of things that really struck me about Bob, since there was some sense, particularly among other faculty, that […]

When I came on the faculty, then I was a colleague and not a student. I remember he had been to India by then and my first job out of graduate school I spent two years in Karachi. And the first time that my former wife and I had Bob over for dinner, the first […]

…So when it comes his turn on this panel, he says, “Well now, this is what my profession says how we search for truth in Political Science,” and he went through kind of a ‘50s graduate school kind of how do you use evidence and how do you use quantitative reasoning and blah, blah, blah, […]

Bob was teaching two courses both called “Methods in Political Science” or something. And one section he taught with a kind of methodological “How do you do research?” and the other was the one I was in, which was Methods with a completely different spin. A little saying at the top of the syllabus was […]

That was the fall of ’58. One evening we met was the night after the Deke house had burned down and he made some initial comments about it in terms of the fact that here we were in the warmth across the street and think about the vast majority of people in the world who […]

It was in that course I think that he developed a number of the themes some of his colleagues on the faculty didn’t like. He used to distinguish between a college education and a university education, one being the training of good citizens and the other being unvarnished truths no matter where it lead you. […]

The other things that happened that fall was Jim Burns had run for congress against Silvio Conte, the long, long representative in Congress for Western Massachusetts–and he’d lost. And I think it was that same week we were reading Max Weber’s essay on politics as a vocation and talking about the level of commitment one […]

Gaudino’s ironic approach, he said, “I’m supposed to give all of you a character evaluation, ie. a grade at the end of every term.” And at the time you would put a postcard in his mailbox and ask him what was your grade on the final and what was the grade on the course and […]

It wasn’t a sword. It was a picture of Napoleon. And I think it was Herzog who said it ought to be the lawgiver because the lawgiver’s above the law.


Final Note