I got very hooked, largely through him, on philosophy and theology and so my senior year first term schedule was just essentially 100% filled with, except for my Poli-Ec major course, with abstract courses. And I talked to Gaudino about it and he said, “But Mr. Lewis, you must remember where ‘The Republic’ takes place. […]

Summer of ‘59 actually I lived in what’s now Mears House and in exchange for living in the house I painted woodwork and things of that sort and bumped into Gaudino several times during the summer. And I still have in my copy of the Dialogues of Plato the list that he gave me of […]

I think one of the things that got to his faculty colleagues was they thought that he thought he had the truth and was trying to brainwash us. And you know one of the worst things you could do in a way was to try to be agreeable with him and say, “Yes yes, I […]

I was up in the summer or spring and they were doing a reading of it in 3 Griffin. Gordon Winston my longtime buddy was reading one of the parts. And it was a terrible play as a play. But I remember Gordon saying to me, “You know, after the first time I read it […]

When he was proposing Williams at Home it was when he was then quite sick. And his proposal went to the Educational Policy Committee or whatever it was called, then came to the faculty. Somebody moved it, somebody seconded it, “Any discussion?” and nobody was gonna object to anything at all. And Gaudino got up […]

He was over to the house for dinner one night after he had been quite sick. He came over with Dave and Hanne Booth and David and I kind of carried him around to the back yard and we were sitting there and he took some pills and after about half an hour he said, […]

Senior year, I said “I’m kind of interested, Mr. Gaudino—maybe it would be interesting to be a college dean or a college president.” He said, a great twinkle in his eye, “But Mr. Lewis, I thought you were interested in education?” I think he opened my eyes to the big questions in life in a […]


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