This was Depression time. And both my mom and dad were Catholic and they wanted to raise the kids Catholic, and they felt the best way to do that and was to put us into a parochial school. So at that time Mary Star of the Sea didn’t have a kindergarten, so we went to […]

We were on the second floor and we each had our own room and, you know, typewriters. And then we had a kitchen in the other room and we sometimes ate together, not that often. We went to movies together and so on. The movies were just down the street because we lived just at […]

We would have these conversations about Plato and whether Plato was right, that not only were there a variety of points of view and opinions to be considered but that there was a hierarchy of points of view. And I remember conversations about whether that was really so, whether there was a hierarchy in opinion, […]

I was an Evangelical Christian, a new Christian. But I was really working out my own issues. And one of those issues at Williams I had heard of some anti-Semitism and some housing discrimination but I didn’t pay any mind, “That was long ago.” And then I became embroiled in a struggle on that and […]

When the whole Cambodia thing happened, the shutting down of the school in 1970, for about 10 days I was with the [student strike.] Then I said, “Nope.” This is not what we should be doing, it’s not what Williams should be doing and the people doing it are acting out of some other motive […]

I grew up in Northern New Jersey. I did not feel like I fit in the Williams culture because neither of my parents completed college. My dad cleaned furnaces so I could go to Williams. A friend of mine one day comes over to my dorm room and says, “Hey, you’ve got to go to […]

I stayed with a woman on welfare and her granddaughter who got pregnant while I was there. The second night there was a huge noise and a car pulled up with one of the hot babes of the town and her boyfriend. They wanted to “see the white boy” and we went to the Tastee-Freez. […]

So I was raised as a very quiet Congregationalist. The services were very quiet. So down in Georgia I got sick once and the family invited their minister over to visit. I had the flu or something at home. This black minister came over and said, “Can we pray with you?” And I said, “Sure.” […]

That was Jesus

That’s exactly what she had thought, that I had seen God. I was thinking, “Why am I here alone in this place?” So again, I got myself into a cultural situation that I had no idea about and I wasn’t a student of American religion. I didn’t even know this existed, this kind of laying […]


Final Note