He was a rascal. When we were young, my mother, if she wanted to make a dessert she’d bake a cake, a one-egg white cake with white frosting. So she got to the point with my sister, “Gloria, you’ve got to learn how to bake. I’ll show you how to make a one-egg cake.” Well, […]

You know when you take your driver’s license test you get an exam, and if you miss more than three you’ve got to come back? I think he had to come back once at 16. The only way I found out about it was my mother, as I remember, happened to mention it one time. […]

He would never talk about his family, really. He would drag it out of us but he was not going to disclose anything. He would tell us occasional stories when we’d get together, about his bombing the wrong island, for example. So he would occasionally tell those little jokes about himself.

He claimed to have made a mistake near the end of the Second World War–the plane he was in dropped bombs on an island that was occupied by the British. Whether or not this is true I don’t know, but that was a kind of an apocryphal story that came out of it. You know, […]

I don’t know how long Bob was in. But the only thing he ever talked about in any extended degree was his capacity as a navigator in the Air Force. He was a lieutenant. He said he was among the worst in his class and they put together a plane of all the worst people […]

What Mr. Gaudino told us — among his few stories he would tell us — was that when he ran for Student Council president in college that he ran this race and he lost to a cheerleader. And so he would always tell that as sort of a joke because he couldn’t even beat a […]

I met Bob the first day I was there. I met John Rensenbrink first on the line waiting to register and he invited me to go to dinner. It was at somebody’s apartment, a very unforgettable person, but Bob Gaudino was there. There were four men sharing a small house. Then Bob took me to […]

The department has four basic categories: American politics, which has a lot of subdivisions; international relations; comparative government; and political theory and philosophy. And Bob was one of two or three people in political theory and philosophy. They weren’t outriders, but we didn’t have as much interchanging of slots as we do with say comparative […]

By the way he lived with Fred Schuman. Fred Schuman rented him an apartment downstairs. Schuman owned the house, he and Libby owned the house. It’s on Main Street, a small brick house, a nice brick house, which now has an insurance company. And it’s surrounded by steep slopes. The house has only one floor […]

It was not as if he said, “Be my absent siblings.” It just evolved totally naturally. We shared interests. We’d go out for pizza and go bowling afterward. And when we had children, he became their uncle. He just engaged them immediately. He had lots of wonderful nephews and nieces but they were in California, […]


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