I remember the chief of the capital police, at the end of this, the police chief said, “Now you all come down any time you want to and we can accommodate you.”

We went south on spring vacation, during the two-week time. We also went down on several other occasions and we were involved in basically building. I remember Bob and I working on putting a foundation on a church that was being built. I had never done that before in my life and we were taking […]

When they were planning a sit-in against a Marine recruiter, an ROTC recruiter. I wasn’t sure I was going and a friend kind of gave me s— for it, and so I went and sat in, and it was sort of one of those surreal things where first you sat in one place, it was […]

Well, I’d gone to the spring mobilization against the war in April of ‘67 in New York, then had gone to the march on the Pentagon that Norman Mailer wrote of in Armies of the Night and just was, you know, aflame in these kinds of debates at Williams and wherever else. But this also […]

Bob Gaudino was right on, because for Bob Gaudino, operating during the time of the great Civil Rights movement, one of his mentors was Dr. Martin Luther King. We understand that Bob Gaudino was an advocate for non-violence like King and Gandhi–and didn’t he look just like a brother of Mahatma Gandhi, slim in frame, […]

We took a poll of the department on McGovern versus Nixon [in 1972] as to who was going to win and he was just, along with everyone else, just a big McGovern fan. To me they were all off their rocker. And one of the people in the department who was not a regular political […]

My job in the State Department in effect was to be the director of intelligence for East Asia. So I was totally immersed in Vietnam and the Chinese Cultural Revolution and it really wracked me up for two years. It was a very trying experience to work there. Personally my experience was we shouldn’t have […]

If I had to label him anything I would make him an ideological conservative but an operational reformer and almost radical, certainly a liberal. Funny combination but it’s like a lot of British conservatives in the 18th century, like Edmund Burke, very conservative but also would say, “What are we doing in this war with […]

In the fall of my freshman year, the fall of ’67, the Vietnam War was really kicking into high gear. I guess in high school I’d been a conservative and I don’t know when I particularly began to change, but I remember one very influential piece was in that building Van Rensselaer, that old fraternity […]

Maybe in October of 1967, posters appeared that he was going to be doing an evening seminar on the war. I remember it was at the Van Rensselaer House. It was a huge turnout, I mean just enormous. It was standing room only. And he didn’t lecture, he basically ran it as a class and […]


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