Ah, he was often upset with me or frustrated with me because he didn’t think I was serious enough. I was pretty open with him about the fact I used to smoke a lot of pot back then and thought that Williams was pretty irrelevant to my life and, “Why was I here and what […]

While we were down there, I was going out with a girl in the town and she was white, a younger girl. She was in high school. Because the girl was white she literally lived across the tracks. And so I had been over to her house. It was like midnight and I was coming […]

In Folkston, Georgia, I was living with a white family that was from New Mexico originally, so they were not native racists, if you will, but I was working on an OEO [Office of Economic Development] project on the wrong side of the tracks and one of my jobs was to raise money or beg […]

I think that Gaudino did want it to be more than just the experience and I think in part that’s what people who were opposed to the program didn’t understand. He built in, in a very purposeful way, this process of wanting in some fashion to create conflict and to create discomfort. When we went […]

I knew his basic thesis that the experience was better than the impact it had. That just wasn’t satisfactory to me. I didn’t feel that way about the experience I had organizing that year [against the draft, in New Orleans], at 19 years old. The lesson I would have drawn was to never organize again. […]


Final Note